AtCoder Regular Contest 086


Title問題名 User nameユーザ名 Question質問 Response回答 Public全体公開 Created time投稿日時 Modified time最終更新日時
Smuggling Marbles rng_58 Initially, "Partial Score" section was missing for this problem, sorry. Please reload the problem. Yes
Non-decreasing ArVID220u Isn't sample 1 indexing wrong? Sorry, sample output 1 of problem D was incorrect. We fixed it; please reload the problem statement page. / 問題 D の出力例 1 が間違っていました,申し訳ありません.現在は修正されているので,問題ページのリロードをお願いします. Yes
Non-decreasing rng_58 The sample output 1 should be

2 3
3 3

instead of

1 2
2 2